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E-2 Test Facility

The E-2 Test Facility was constructed to support materials development for the National Aerospace Plane (NASP) by subjecting special test articles to extreme temperature conditions. It is available for developmental testing projects involving hot gas, cryogenic fluids, gas impingement, inert gases, industrial gases, specialized gases, hydraulics, deionized and potable water. The E-2 is a highly flexible system that can be easily adapted to alternate open-loop control scenarios and closed-loop schemes with minimal hardware changes.

Photo - E-2 Cell 1 Test Stand

Photo - E2 Cell 2 Test Stand

  • Multi-Cell (2) Test Facility
  • Vertical and Horizontal Testing Capabilities
  • Supports Intermediate Sized Component and Engine Test Programs
  • Originally Designed to Support NASP Materials Testing
  • High Flow Rate Capability
  • High Delivery Pressure Capability
  • E2 Cell 1
    • Horizontal Test Cell
    • Propellants: LO2, LN2, LH2, RP-1, H2O, GO2, GH2 and GN2
    • Thrust Loads up to 100K lbf
  • E2 Cell 2
    • Vertical Test Cell
    • Propellants: LO2, RP-1
    • Thrust Loads up to 100K lbf




Curator: SDC Operations (228) 688-2525 Option 3
Responsible NASA Official: Michele Beisler, Rocket Propulsion Test Program Office